Donald Trump comes to San Francisco

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In a deep blue congressional district, the Republican Party is putting an immigrant in the ballot who is more conservative than Donald Trump or Steve Bannon and argues that deporting illegal immigrants will unite families
The Republican Party is backing the possible candidacy of Ash Shrivastav in the upcoming midterm election. Mr. Shrivastav would be campaigning against Nancy Pelosi, the top democratic leader in the House and one of the longest serving members of congress who represents San Francisco. The city is the most left leaning place in the United States. As leader of the resistance movement, many protests and demonstrations have happened in the city since candidate Donald Trump announced his campaign for the President of United States. A quick review of his personal website shows that the life of San Franciscans could become very difficult on immigration issues if he is elected.
Last week, a demonstration against Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials happened in front of the ICE building in San Francisco. While the ICE protest was happening, Mr. Shrivastav posted in his website a picture of the demonstration he took from his office and wrote that “less than hundred people gather in front of the ICE building” effectively discrediting the protest as a legitimate concern for the Bay Area residents adding  “what is unique now is the far left’s attempt to protect criminals in the name of immigration. Safety is not a partisan issue.” He advocates mass deportation and believes that by deporting illegal immigrants, the United States government would help the illegal immigrants to be united with their families. He says that if deported “The immigrants would be united with their families in their home countries”. He also disputes that illegal immigrants are tax payers and argues that most immigrants legal or illegal in certain areas of the country do not pay any tax rather they are on public benefit programs.
Not only he appears to be a hardliner on illegal immigration issue, he is equally against H1B visas, commonly known a work visa. In one of his articles, he called H1B visa “a parasite for United States labor market” and alleged that “H1B Visa Pretty Much Reserved for Indians”. He shows ways on how you could spot a fake job post which is a part of immigration procedure to show that there are no qualified Americans to do the job.
Mr. Shrivastav is also very critical of the way the city of San Francisco is managed. He says that people talk about San Francisco’s technology boom but not much is discussed about the homelessness, drugs, crime, dirt and poverty.
“Traveling through the length and breadth of United States across forty four states, without a doubt, I find San Francisco the most terribly managed city in the United States — A man-made calamity in this beautiful region.” – Ash Shrivastav
Recently it was announced that California has the worst quality of life in United States. Republican candidates from California would try to take advantage of this finding as they hit the campaign trail since they attribute California’s decline to its inability to govern and willingness to protect illegal immigrants including the criminals.
“California ranks dead last among U.S. states in quality of life, according to a study by U.S. News, ranking behind New Jersey (49th) and Indiana (48th).” – Fox News Online
Like Trump, Mr. Shrivastav is also not a fan of Amazon of Tesla. He says “Amazon scaled with cheap books – often times counterfeit, royalty free and tax free books while the brick and mortar giants like Borders and Barnes & Nobles started struggling.” He has criticized Tesla and said “The underlying business for the high valued stock of Tesla has very little value, if any.” He even questions whether a development stage company like Tesla without a proven business should be allowed to trade on a stock exchange. He argues that Amazon and many tech companies are utilizing the tax free loophole which the local businesses cannot offer. He supports taxing online companies just as we tax local stores.
In United States, immigrants tend to lean left and mostly vote for democratic candidates. Most of the candidates are also affiliated with Democratic Party. Although there are South Asian politicians who have been elected to the political offices, they all have been either at the state or local level. Recent data suggests that younger immigrants align themselves more with the conservative Republican Party. San Francisco is in 12th congressional district which is considered a very safe seat for Democrats. With Mr. Shrivastav’s Trump-like rhetoric and Bannon-like views, the politics of San Francisco could take a different turn on national level. 

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